We at Inavatech our committed to providing our clients in the UK with a secure virtual link to the vast product portfolio of the Middle East.
We specialise in the importation of products manufactured in Singapore, Malaysia and neighbouring countries. With offices in Malaysia and UK, we are perfectly well placed to make sure we are getting the best deals and supplying our clients with the best possible importation services.
Over the coming months our product portfolio will be growing and we will be listing products that we have sourced and using our expertise in this field believe to be an excellent investment for retailers and wholesalers alike in UK.
Our representatives in the Middle East are currently out building relationships with the companies that will be supplying us with quality goods at very profitable prices.
If you already have a product that you want imported from the Middle East to UK, why don't you let us take the hassle out of the importation and bring it to you?

This will leave you to concentrate on running your business. We can be your Virtual Link